Company Overview

Jolly Blast Productions, LLC (“Jolly Blast” or the “Company”) is an integrated media and entertainment company focused on developing character-based content that celebrates and advocates sports for children aged 3 to 7.  At the core of this content are two animated siblings, Jolly and Holly Blast, whose fun-filled adventures introduce children to the world of sports.  These characters and their stories are leveraged across various media outlets as well as massive merchandising and licensing opportunities.  Through its compelling characters and content, Jolly Blast Productions pursues the dual mission of entertaining children and opening their lives to the countless benefits that come from playing sports.

"Jolly Blast: teaching kids the game of life – one sport at a time"


With its positive and powerful message, Jolly Blast has gained significant momentum in the last several years.  With its initial success, the Company has attracted NFL All-Pro and future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez to commit his name to the Jolly Blast franchise and also become an integral part of Jolly Blast content – the first of many names Jolly Blast hopes to add to its roster.  The Company was able to gain validation of this magnitude by producing multiple highly-acclaimed video shorts, a full-length children’s book, and a pilot website.  Jolly Blast supplemented this content by forming the Jolly Blast Sports Academy – a multi-sport summer camp experience in Los Angeles.  In addition, the Company has launched an ever-growing line of Jolly Blast apparel and sporting equipment.  These developments have generated wide-spread recognition from children, advocacy groups, and business partners.  Viewership on the Jolly Blast website continues to grow and Jolly Blast books are being promoted by both child literacy and anti-obesity organizations worldwide.

Jolly Blast content, products, and services will be offered in English, followed very closely by Spanish.  With these offerings, Jolly Blast aims to do the following

  • Entertain kids!
  • Teach the basic skills, drills and rules of various sports, games and
  • activities.
  • Demonstrate the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship,
  • friendship, respect, and fair play.
  • Promote the value of a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and
  • good nutrition.
  • Educate everyone on how to play safely and responsibly.
  •  Inspire kids and families to “PLAY BALL” together!


Business Description

Jolly Blast’s business units and revenue sources can be segmented into three broad categories detailed below.  English and Spanish will be the first two languages employed.

Digital Content and Ecommerce
The Company’s web and mobile properties offer a wide variety of multimedia content, community, games, and exercises – all featuring the Jolly and Holly Blast, their coaches and friends, and Tom the Robot.  The Company will also offer the full line of branded products via the web and mobile applications.

Jolly Blast Products
The Company offers (and plans to offer) a widening array of products including books, full-length DVDs, sports equipment, apparel, video games, and action figures.  These offerings are either produced in-house, by business partners, or licensors as deemed appropriate by the Company.

Jolly Blast Sports Camps

The Company currently operates the Jolly Blast Sports Academy in Los Angeles, which hosts hundreds of children each summer.  The Company will look to add additional sports camps in the future.  In addition, the Company will consider adding Jolly Blast physical retail locations as well.



Jolly Blast was founded by Jeffrey Eagle; Michael Diminick, M.D.; and Kevin Bonner, M.D.  The three bring highly complementary skills to the Company.  Michael Diminick and Kevin Bonner are former successful Division I collegiate athletes and current orthopedic surgeons.  As they raised their children, they quickly observed that the current generation of children is being asked to participate in a wide array of disparate sports at younger and younger ages – thus making it very difficult to learn that essentials of each sport, while still making it fun.  Similarly, it is increasingly difficult for parents themselves to learn the fundamentals of this growing array of sports sufficiently to instruct their own children.  In 2005, they teamed up with successful writer/director/producer/youth-sport-coach, Jeffrey Eagle, who helped them develop the characters and the world of Jolly and Holly Blast.  Together, this management trio – led by Jeffrey Eagle – is directly responsible for the Company’s remarkable success to date.

Management Team

Jolly Blast’s management team has already demonstrated an unrivaled passion and commitment to the Company mission.  They also boast backgrounds that are highly relevant to Jolly Blast.  Collectively, they are parents of young athletic children whom they actively coach, had highly successful collegiate athletic careers themselves, are practicing physicians, and boast career-proven creative skills.  With limited financial resources and significant time constraints, they have developed and impressive library of content; a large, growing, and highly engaged following among kids and their parents; and the eager commitment of Tony Gonzalez, one of the NFL’s most well-known and respected players.

Proven Traction

The Company’s traction is particularly noteworthy given its short history.  As mentioned above, the Company has earned the attention and active participation of Tony Gonzalez.  Health, fitness and literacy groups  strongly support its approach, content and positive message   These groups include the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, US Soccer Foundation, Koreh LA, Major League Soccer’s DC United’s “United for DC" ("Adopted Schools” and “United Soccer Club”) programs.  Finally, the Jolly Blast Sports Academy boasts an ever-growing population of students and alumni.

Massive Market

Jolly Blast’s target market of children from ages 3 to 7 is large and growing.  According the US census data, the number of children aged 5 to 9 years is 20.6 million.  The number of children aged 0 to 5 years is even larger at 21.3 million.  Naturally, the number of children outside the US is massive as well.  Jolly Blast will increasingly target this market with additional languages (the Company has immediate plans to offer its content in both English and Spanish).