"The iPad has been a great platform to get kids of all ages learning in a fun and new interactive way. Jolly Blast adds to the educational list of apps available on the app store by releasing Jolly Blast: Soccer. This game will help educate young kids while using soccer to keep things interesting. The game features  Tony Gonzalez as “Coach Tony” to help kids stay motivated and encourage them to keep going. Many young kids these days are not spending enough time outside doing healthy activities such has soccer, but instead watching tv, and playing video games. Jolly Blast is here to change that, by teaching kids soccer moves and motivating them to stay active."
IRB Gamer

"As a school teacher, soccer coach, administrator, and parent, I can't give enough praise for JOLLY BLAST.  From an educator or parent perspective, it already stands alone as a great picture book, with a fun story, entertaining pictures and good rhyme.  To the soccer coach or parent, JOLLY BLAST offers one of the only, if not the only, children's book that teaches children the soccer basics in language they can understand and find fun."
Andrew So- Executive Director
South Bronx United Soccer Club

“As a teacher of primary grade students for over 30 years, I am always looking for books with the
right mix of fact and fantasy and characters that capture the attention of young readers. Jolly
Blast is written in a way that made my first graders want to grab the book and read more about
the soccer game that they already love to play. Jolly Blast is also the kind of character that
children are looking forward to meeting up with, again and again!”
Elaine, Belvidere, NJ

“The book was great! I loved how happy everyone was and learning how to exercise will help me.
I had a connection to this book because I play soccer and it will help me play better! I can't wait
to see what other books will come next.” (she suggested...gymnastics, ice skating, dance, roller
skating, and even crabbing! :)
First Grader, Alamuchy, NJ

“My 3-year-old daughter won't put it down, it's her very favorite book. She's
even starting kicking a ball around the house and calling it Spots.”
Tracy, 40, Tarzana, CA

“I was excited to see everyone so happy, nice and helpful to each other. I
liked everything about the book! Can we read it again?”
Kindergartner, 5, Alamuchy, NJ

“I really liked this book a whole lot because it was a cute story with
aliens, it's funny, and it had my favorite interest...sports!”
Ryan, 7, White Township, NJ

“I've been a Soccer Mom, a Soccer Coach's wife and the “Team Parent” and for over 10 years, yet I
found myself learning all kinds of new things about soccer thanks to JOLLY BLAST.”
Monica, 41, Weddington, NC

“Jolly Blast provides the perfect combination of fun with humor and pizzazz, technical information
about how to play or understand the universal sport of soccer, and motivation to get out and
exercise! Kids and their parents alike will love him. Jolly's "thumbs-up" style reflects the
enthusiasm and dedication of his creator and totally awesome sports coach, Jeffrey Eagle.”
Caroline, 38, Culver City, CA

“Julianna is 5 now and she loves it. She asks me to read it at bedtime, but instead of going to
sleep, she wants to get up and do the stretches! As a Certified Athletic Trainer, I appreciate the
time and effort you put into developing these books and the positive attitude toward participating
in these sports.
Pete, 38, New Jersey

“Even though my 3-year-old, Tristan, claims the JOLLY BLAST book as her very own, both
my children ages 3 and 11 love to read the story and learn about sports at the same time. With
regard to the Childhood Obesity epidemic, JOLLY BLAST demonstrates that everyone can
participate, learn to be healthy and make a difference - all in the same book!”
Darlene Kiyan, Executive Director, Culver-Palms Family YMCA, Culver City, CA

“I'm over 80-years-old, but after reading JOLLY BLAST, I swear I think I could go out and play
soccer right now.”
Sylvia, 84, Charlotte, NC