The Power of Sports

It has been observed that after religion, SPORT is the most powerful cultural force in American society.  Youngsters get involved in sports activities for many reasons: to learn a game, become physically active, interact with other kids, and simply to have fun. Regardless of the motivation, experts agree sports participation is an integral part of children’s lives and is critical to that invaluable process called “youth development”.

In recognition of the positive influence sports has on the health and “healthy” development of children, there has been a growing trend for parents to enroll their children into organized teams, youth leagues and sports-oriented “play groups” at younger and younger ages.

While studies continue to show the overwhelming benefits of sports and exercise among children, it is surprising that you can’t find more children’s programming and entertainment dedicated to the cause.  And even more disappointing when research reveals that today’s youth spends 20% of their waking time watching TV.  As a result, it’s time for a series of sports-and-activity-based programs with characters who are ALL “on a mission to play” and “to change worlds.”

In an effort to benefit and better serve today’s youth in an expanding marketplace, we have developed an entertaining children’s program that will introduce the ABC’s of numerous sports through interesting stories filled with colorful characters that sing, dance, catch, and shoot.

Jolly Blast will not only entertain but will also inspire kids to be active and give them the means to do it.