Meet Holly

Full Name: Holly Blast
Age: 6
Home Planet: Planet Blah, in the HumDrum Quadrant
Home Town: YawnDale
Earth Nickname: "The Little Professor"
Signature Move: "The Whistle Skip"
Jersey #: Infinity Symbol (or) Sideways "8"
Favorite Color: Pink
Height: 35"
Weight: 25 lbs
Bats: According to scientific calculations
Kicks & Throws: Helloo?!... I said according to scientific calculations.
Mission: To record and document each "Sports Adventures" in hopes that her search will make Planet Blah "more interesting".
X-Factors: Photographic memory and a great whistle.
Special Gizmo: "The Holly-Cam," a shoulder-mounted camera taht truly makes her a one-woman-production enterprise.
Favorite things on Earth... besides Sports: Birds and Barrettes.
Not So Secret Wish: To learn to sing.