Meet Tom


Full Name: Tom (a.k.a. - a Blah-"tom"-a-ton)
Age: Unknown
Home Planet: Unknown... crashlanded
on Blah "inside" Blink Stop.
Earth Nickname: "Tom," "Ump," or "Ref"
Signature Move: "The Rolling Bowler"
Jersey #: Arrived on Blah with the ID#345,678
but no one know what that means... yet.
Favorite Color: Silver, but can also color-shift AND shape-shift to match any sport need.
Height: 18"
Weight: 10 lbs
Bats: When asked.
Kicks & Throws: When needed.
Mission: To use his many data processors and countless gizmos to assist, chaperone and referee young Blahb and Earthling alike as they experience new worlds and new activities.
X-Factors: Toms's manuy "special compartments" produce just the right sports, food, or first aid supply at exactly the right time.
Special Gizmo: His "Tummy Tron" enables him to share audio/visual data in fast or slow-motion, while his "Field Projector" allows him to ZAP the lines of a field or court into existence in a matter of seconds.
Favorite things on Earth... besides Sports:
 Ceiling Fans and Fruit Smooties.
Not So Secret Wish: To find out where he comes from... and if there are any more of his robotic "kind".