Meet Jolly

Full Name: Jolly Blast
Age: 6
Home Planet: Planet Blah, in the HumDrum Quadrant
Home Town: YawnDale
Earth Nickname: "Blue Streak"
Signature Move: "The Jolly Shuffle"
Jersey #: 6
Favorite Color: Red
Height: 42"
Weight: 30 lbs
Bats: From Either Side
Kicks & Throws: With Either Food or Hand
Mission: To save his slow motion home world from boredom
and inactivity with the fun and games he learns on Planet Earth.
X-Factors: Lightning fast imagination, great spin moves, and a jolly contagious laugh.
Special Gizmo: The "Sportometer," a super fantastic wristband that makes ordinary sports equipment come to life.
Favorite things on Earth... besides Sports: Peanut Butter & Paper Airplanes.
Not So Secret Wish: To turn Planet Blah into PLANET BLAST!