South Bronx United Soccer Club

A few months ago, JOLLY BLAST books where shared with young players, ages 4 - 8, of the South Bronx United Soccer Club as part of their first ever Literacy Day.  In fact, the books were read to these younger players by older youth from their U15, U17 and U19 programs.  South Bronx United serves 500 boys and girls, aged 4- 19, through soccer, education, and character and leadership development programs.

"Jolly Blast was an integral part of South Bronx United's first ever Literacy Day on May 21st. The children throughly loved the book.  They loved the storyline, connected with the characters and enjoyed the pictures.  We even were able to do some of the stretches directly from the book.  When we distributed the books to children to take home they went like wildfire!

As a school teacher, soccer coach, administrator, and parent, I can't give enough praise for JOLLY BLAST.  From an educator or parent perspective, it already stands alone as a great picture book, with a fun story, entertaining pictures and good rhyme.  To the soccer coach or parent, JOLLY BLAST offers one of the only, if not the only, children's book that teaches children the soccer basics in language they can understand and find fun."

Andrew So
Executive Director
South Bronx United Soccer Club
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