The JOLLY BLAST Sports Academy

The Jolly Blast Sports Academy continues to bring imagination and sports together in Los Angeles, California.  Supported by the Culver City Department of Parks and Recreation, the JB Sports Academy has continued to grow and expand it’s impact on children and families looking to involve themselves in a fun, positive weeklong sports adventure that features games like: soccer, basketball, kickball, tennis and many other jolly-awesome activities! *Blinking beyond Los Angeles to Washington, DC and beyond in!

"I thought it was great, and wouldn’t change a thing!! I SO enjoyed watching my two boys play sports!  They had never really played much either at home or anywhere else.  It was great fun to watch them warm up (probably my favorite part!), kick balls, fall down, hold cones on their heads, toss ball, etc.! It’s great exposure to warming up and playing organized sports together."

Mom of two Blastronauts (ages 5 & 7)
Los Angeles, CA