A Letter From Coach Tony

To my fellow Blastronauts,

For a far back as I can remember, I was always interested in sports.  From a very young age I just wanted to play anything and everything I could – to have fun and spend time with my friends and family, then to compete and get better, and finally, to stay strong and healthy.   From football to basketball to volleyball to surfing and many other activities, I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t playing something.

After my college football and basketball career was over at the University of California at Berkeley, I got the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream to play professional football in the National Football League.  In 1997, I was drafted and then spent 12 wonderful years with the Kansas City Chiefs and for the last two years seasons have been with the Atlanta Falcons.

The main thing that I believe keeps me going strong is my commitment to staying healthy through daily exercise and good nutrition.  Keeping my mind, body and spirit healthy every day allows me to be ready for whatever opportunity or challenge might come my way.

When I was approached to get involved with JOLLY BLAST, I saw any opportunity to continue to share my very own stories and healthy messages with kids, families, teachers and coaches everywhere – in a super fun out-of-this-world kind of way.  So I jumped at the chance to sign up!

Within each JOLLY BLAST episode or sports lesson, I also have the chance to share my own ideas and secrets about how certain games, moves, drills and yes, even foods, can directly influence how those watching and playing along can feel about themselves, their bodies and their life.    And, if during our sports adventures, we start to explore a sport that I haven't played, well then, Jolly and I will look for some extra support from experts and athletes who want to join in and help!

I look forward to training with you - to working hard, getting better, and having fun -  all as fellow teammates and fellow Blastronauts!  

Play ball!  Be jolly!
Tony Gonzalez