Sí Que Hablamos Español!

Jolly Blast: Soccer  in Spanish Now Available in the App Store.
Updated English Version of Jolly Blast Productions’ Interactive Sports
Adventure App also Available Now for Download

Washington D.C.—December 20, 2011— Jolly Blast Productions, an integrated media and entertainment company focused on developing character-based content that celebrates and advocates sports for children aged 3 to 7, announced today that the Spanish version of its first sports adventure app, Jolly Blast: Soccer, is available now in the App Store.

The company also announced that it has updated the recently released English language version with new pages, updated interactive features and enhanced sound. Those who have already purchased Jolly Blast: Soccer can download the updated version for free.

Perfect for native Spanish speaking families or families learning Spanish as a second language, Jolly Blast: Soccer is an easy and fun way to engage early readers through a blend of story, characters and information – and now two languages!

“Because soccer is the world’s most popular sport, we know that it’s played and enjoyed by millions of non-English-speaking kids,” said Jeffrey Eagle, Chairman and CEO of Jolly Blast Productions. “By making Jolly Blast: Soccer available in Spanish, we’re aiming to reach those young players and their families, encouraging them to be active and healthy in their love of sports and games. Children everywhere will now get to pick English or Spanish – or both – as they blast off with Jolly, Holly and the Blastronauts!”  

Jolly Blast: Soccer follows Jolly and Holly Blast, who along with their robot friend, Tom, are on a mission to save their home, “Planet Blah,” from endless boredom by finding new Earth activities to play. Children and parents will learn from five-time NFL All-Pro tight end Tony Gonzalez, as “Coach Tony.” Together, they will soar into a visually-stunning, interactive super-galactic world where soccer is the newest way to combat boredom and inactivity and spark a lifelong love for games and movement.

“Soccer is truly global, and children from diverse backgrounds can all share the benefits from learning how to play,” said Gonzalez, who has several times been named one of the Top 25 Fittest Men in America by Men’s Fitness magazine. “By having Jolly Blast: Soccer available in Spanish, we now have the ability to reach an even wider audience of kids who will gain self-esteem, get some exercise, learn teamwork and sportsmanship and have a jolly blast doing it!”
Available for the iPad and iPhone, Jolly Blast: Soccer is now available in Spanish for $1.99 in the App Store.